Data Protection & Privacy

Data protection and privacy is a prominent debate subject in the face of exponential technological growth. Security and protection of sensitive commercial data produced by enterprises poses an unprecedented importance in terms of commercial success, reputation and competitive edge.

Our experience and knowledge on data protection and privacy, going back before the newly enacted Law on Protection of Personal Data, equip us with the understanding to provide tailored solutions for our clients in terms of legal protection and remedies.

Fırat-İzgi has been providing legal consultancy to many multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies in terms of patient data privacy, which the importance is paramount in terms of the Life Sciences industry, and assist our clients in their compliance to legislation including but not limited to R&D and clinical trial activities.

Our practices in this field includes:

  • Data protection and privacy contracts
  • Compliance programs, policies and trainings
  • Data protection and loss prevention measures
  • Consumer protection regulations
  • Data transfer management
  • Criminal law services
  • Dispute resolution