Employment Law & Labor Litigation

As it is widely accepted, the employer-employee relationship is a key driver of business success. Regulating relations between the employee and employer, labour law is one of the most important practice areas for commercial companies. Presuming that the employee is the weakened party there are protective rules and principles spread throughout the applicable legislation and is seen in court rulings. In some cases, those rules and widely accepted principles of interpretation of rules, for the benefit of the employee, create unfair results for employers, especially for commercial companies. Fırat – İzgi acknowledges that successful human resources management should be based on a well-designed labour contract, a good management contract and efficient case handling systems; the firms labour law team works with clients to maximise their success, and help them achieve their strategic business objectives.

We provide a complete range of labour and employment legal services in areas such as:

  • Employment agreements, including non-compete, trade secret and confidentiality agreements
  • Immigration & work permission
  • Compliance policy drafting
  • Business transfers
  • Restructuring & re-organisation
  • Internal investigations into allegations of discrimination and other considerations
  • Workplace safety matters
  • Record keeping requirements and confidentiality issues
  • Workers compensation and unemployment compensation matters
  • All kinds of related litigation including but not limited to wrongful discharge, breach of employment contract